Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tea Stained: WIP photos

Work in progress pictures.  2010.  Uban.
I'm always interested in the way ideas come to be, and how many times an idea can be recycled...

These WIP pictures were taken while I was working on an assignment last semester.  I tea-stained photocopies of my journals, sketchbooks, illustrations, and other assignments.  Then I had to devise a method of drying them... which ended up being me running a few yards of satin ribbon across my open closet and using clothespins.

The final tea-stain of the first WIP image was used to create this pop-up book.  The same imagery was used for this under-painting.

Work in progress pictures.  2010.  Uban.
This hasn't turned into anything else yet... But it started off as a poem that I had originally posted in my Myspace (ahahha!) blog at the time.

(Oct. 9, 2009 @ 8.19PM)
we stand still
without ground, or legs, or feet
denying any assumed gravity
because we've come to learn, that
anyone who doesn't already understand
doesn't know what it means to float.

Two songs stuck in my head...  I'm scattered.

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