Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't let my Asian exterior fool you, I am a romantic at heart.

Heart Mobile.  Cardboard, glitter, newspaper, other fragile girly materials.  2008. Uban.

I recently logged into my Photobucket account... what a blast-from-the-past that ended up being...  BUT I found this picture of a mobile I had made in high school.  I have bad lighting in my room so I hung it up in my brother's room when he was away at college...  Too bad it doesn't exist anymore.  Maybe I will construct another?

I also found these pictures of 14-year-old me!  I really did read way too much Seventeen Magazine and TeenVogue at that point of my life...  BAHAHAHAH!  I found pictures of 17-year-old me too, but I'm saving those for a different day.

If you want to find out what being a nerdy girl in art school is NOT like at all, then watch this show.  I don't have a TV/cable/living room at my apartment, but I was at my parents' house a few weeks ago and they have the super Verizon Fios plan and way too many channels.  My brother, who has a media-related major is up-to-date on what's cool nowadays with high school-aged people like I am not, and he had me watch an episode.  I was a bit offended.  Wth, is going on?

Can you tell how this was left over from a bad time?

"...not enough like ourselves."  Pen, watercolor, marker, colored pencil, and gouache on paper.  8.5"X11."  2010.  Uban

I haven't taken any pictures of my recent work... why? Because I am a bum.  This illustration is going to a year old in a couple of weeks.  I think it would make a nice greeting card suitable for the "Just Flirting" section at Five Below.  Yes, there is such a section...  I don't get it.

And just for fun, this woman teaches me Printmaking [ survey of lithography and screen printing] at Tyler at 8.20am every Tuesday and Thursday.  She is a champ!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Volta NY/Text/My first time

Last night one of my artsy friends compared some of my work to THIS Small But Dangers (SBD) mixed media work...  That probably reminded him of my December 2010 post "I Still."  I, of course, was flattered.  Usually, artists want to be unique and quirky and other obscene things, but I don't mind being a complete tool about it, and so I say, "Thanks, man!"

So, I haven't done much work involving text in awhile (which was the original intention of Love [ & Other Mythical Beasts ] )...  Honestly, because it was too damn depressing since a lot of the time it involved leafing through pages of journal entries and reading what being a self-conscious teenage girl was like and how teenage boys could rip me to shreds.  But let's be honest, it wasn't ALL traumatic...  My first semester in college a boy confessed that he wanted to date me by writing on my Facebook wall in binary numbers and having me decode them...  Ahaha!  (Any time he looks back at that, he probably shudders!)  SO, some of the time it was just plain ol' silly.  And so, I've decided that I will  start making art about all the silly parts.  

But I really had a good time painting nice picture of mean times...  It did a good job of keeping me sane.

My first time hurt like hell.  6"X12".  Acrylic on canvas.  2009.  Uban.

I used to have really awful nightmares as a child.

:oP /Pogo.  11"X14".  Graphite pencil on paper.  2011.  Uban.
I went back and finished this drawing last night/this morning.
And I guess, Sufjan Stevens digs him too...?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Interlocking rings: plug and socket

I cast these in bronze for my jewelry class.  The assignment was to create two interlocking rings, so I chose to make a plug and socket.  It does actually fit together.

I ended up running out of time to make the display so I turned around a panel I made for my painting materials and techniques class, painted it black, attached those silver windy things from a frame hanging kit, and looped together black embroidery thread... I heard art school teaches a person a thing or two about being creative...

Plug and socket rings.
Cast Bronze.

Perhaps, we shall take lessons from Cee Lo Green

Here's a WIP pop-up book inspired by one of my illustrations by the same name, "Maybe you will try to remember, but I will always want to forget."

"Maybe you will try to remember, but I will always want to forget."
Paper, poster board, collage.

Listening to: Cee Lo Green's "F--k You".