Saturday, May 14, 2011

Encaustic Town

Town.  on pine board.  maybe 14 X 10 inches?  2011.  Uban.

This was made as an experiment in media in my Painting: Materials and Techniques class this past semester.  Unfortunately, it probably isn't going to last very long since this painting was made from candle wax instead of encaustic wax (beeswax and damar resin)... the shipment of supplies didn't arrive on time so we just substituted for the experience.  It's going to fall apart, I accept it.

On my pinky and a smidge on my wrist.

There was an accident.  I ended up getting a nasty burn on my pinky.  I had a few other burns elsewhere on my hands such as on my wrist that weren't too bad, but the pinky was the worse.  The initial blister swelled up to about half the size of the section of my pinky.  I mean, it was cool that I could gross out everyone with it... Someone actually said, "Ugh, gah, gross... that makes me want to throw up."  It's healing fine now, although as my mother pointed out, "That's so ugly."  She's always liked my hands, I think.

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