Sunday, July 3, 2011

another unfounded theory.

i have this theory that somewhere there is a parallel universe where every set of lovers gets to live their fairy tale, and beautiful dreams of happy endings in this realm don't go to waste, and they are only transfered to this place where every precious moment is saved for exact copies of people who love each other and learn to forgive and grow old together and live ever after.  and what didn't work out here in this world, works out for someone else somewhere else.  its nice to think that somewhere in the vastness of creation, love truly did conquer all.  somewhere in the universe the person you love loves you back.  somewhere in the universe the person who loves you has your love in return.  and you get to be together forever like you had dreamed about.  somewhere in the universe the love that had been created doesn't disappear, but lovers get to rejoice in it and live on it like water.