Thursday, February 17, 2011

Me heart dumplings.

Got hit on by an Asian guy in Chinatown today.  I said I wasn't interested...  BUT this still calls for a dumpling celebration!  I almost NEVER get hit on by Asian guys... ahahah.  I made these dumplings from scratch, dough and all in December.  Freakin' 6 hours of dumpling making a.k.a. Asian housewife training, (I've already once agreed to be Ashley's mail-order-bride, since her fiancée doesn't seem to mind ;P )...  I was inspired by this Working Class Foodies Youtube video, and then I followed this recipe...  It's funny though, because traditionally Filipinos don't make dumplings.  Guess I am ahead of the curve!

Chili paste and sesame oil in the sauce.  You know it's legit.

They're so cute, no?

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