Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marriage of Good and Evil

The Marriage of Good and Evil.  Xerox collage on foam-core board.  30x30".  © 2010 Uban.

This was a piece I made for a class last semester.  I used a lot of source material, including a painting by Joshua Petker, illustrations by Julia Pott, Brand New's Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me album cover, and Robert DeNiro from Taxi Driver, as well as other source material from Google images, like the flowers, sky and clouds, the lower half of DeNiro's body.  I have some of my own images in the mix.  (Aren't those prairie dogs on the lower right corner, the cutest?  I took the picture of them at the Philadelphia Zoo two summers ago.)  I also used one of my mother's wedding photos.  My grandmother and uncle are there as well.  It's strange that I never plan on my family seeing this one, just because my dad would probably be p.o.'d that he isn't in it, and I'm not trying to deal with that.  It's weird to think someone might've used a picture of me for something else?  I remember sitting out on First Friday last year and having random people take pictures of me with my work.  It was super weird/awkward/flattering.

Listening to M.I.A.-- Bucky Done Gun.  I hope someone in Egypt is blasting this on their old-skool boom box...  "A Revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having"...?  Oy, wishful thinking.

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