Friday, December 30, 2011

There's a straw for this kind of thing

1.  Ginger ale-- Woke up with a tummy ache.  I have enough stomach problems, that this would be incentive enough.


2.  Cream limoncello-- I'm not exactly set on this recipe, but my friend's fiance was giving me advice to regular limoncello and I'm looking into making cream limoncello, (perhaps, I will try arancello eventually).  We picked up my bridesmaid's dress yesterday in Jersey, and stopped by a liquor store for everclear (they don't sell it in PA, lamesauce).  He told me it takes six weeks to make his version of limoncello.

Lemon battery.

3.  Bloody mary-- I was on a flight from Rome to Frankfurt.  The flight attendant gave me salt and pepper for my tomato juice.  I thought this was so weird... but like a delicious gateway into the realm of things made with tomato juice.

The urban legend kind.

4.  Root beer float-- I've never had a root beer float.  Yes, I am ashamed.  I've had coke floats, but never a root beer one.

Since 1904!

5.  Root beer--  According to the website, "In 1960 the FDA outlawed sassafras because it contains safrole, which was proven to cause cancer in lab rats.  The primaryelement in the root beer flavor today is wintergreen."  I skimmed this archive of a history forum... Some interesting things.

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