Friday, December 30, 2011

The perfect guy.

I want a weird guy, but not in the creepy way.  He is unconventional.  Someone who isn't stingy with his music, and likes to share his new favorite bands.  He is fun to go to shows with, meaning that he dances.  He dances.  We can go to the club and dance.  Maybe he plays an instrument.  He has gorgeous eyes.  He wouldn't mind going to spooky haunted places with me.  He is interested in the supernatural and maybe grotesque things.  He likes cooking.  He likes eating and trying different dishes.  He knows what's going on in sports, even though I know nothing.  He appreciates nature and walking in the woods.  He tries to buy fair trade/organic products.  Someone who likes to walk around the city, and people watch.  He drinks tea.  He is taller than me, because I am short.  He must initiate to hug me first because he's the taller one.  Maybe he has a blog.  He is good with computers.  He can fix my laptop when I need it because technology hates me.  He's most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, but when he wants to look nice, he is good at it.  He is funny in the way that I am funny.  We can laugh together.  We might have a lot of inside jokes.  He cuts his nails regularly.  He knows wine.  Maybe he makes his own wine, beer, or some kind of beverage.  He wants to be a dad.  He thinks it's okay to spank a misbehaving kid every once in awhile.  He likes art, knows a bit of history, and likes going to museums.  He is well-rounded.  He can speak and write well.  He is spiritual somewhat, but non-religious.  He doesn't smoke cigarettes, but he likes to hookah.  He's past (or mostly past) the druggie experimental phase.  He's down to earth.  He's actually nice.  He's actually kind.  Someone with a good heart.  He would like watching movies.  The popcorn flicks, and the strange foreign stuff.  He likes documentaries.  He wouldn't mind seeing a play, musical, ballet, or opera sometimes either.  He has good taste.  He reads, and he likes to read literature.  He works out occasionally, but nothing obsessive.  He likes animals, or at least, cats.  Maybe would like to get a dog.  He values a good family life.  He respects his parents.  He doesn't mind piercings.  He is smart and ambitious.  He is college educated and has a job.  He's good at math.  He can budget finances, and knows when to be frugal.  He is open-minded.  He is loyal in a relationship.  He would want a serious relationship, and dates with the potential to marry.  He is not cheesy, but he does enjoy spooning.  He's not afraid of commitment.  He's in tune with his feelings and intuition.  He stands up for himself, even though he may not like to be the center of attention all the time.  He is sensitive to the feelings of others around him.  He is understanding of people.  He is forgiving.  He likes building things, but he doesn't have to be good at it.  He is idealistic and rational.  He would be prepared to encounter my irrational defense mechanisms.  He is somewhat aggressive.  He writes out text messages.  He's good at checking up on me via text.  He would be an amazing kisser and snuggler.  He would have a steady sounding voice.  He would wait a long time to drop the L-bomb.  He would like traveling.  He would have friends, who aren't douchebags.  He could meet my friends without it being awkward.  He would be trustworthy.  He would want to talk about things.  This would be the perfect guy.

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