Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't let my Asian exterior fool you, I am a romantic at heart.

Heart Mobile.  Cardboard, glitter, newspaper, other fragile girly materials.  2008. Uban.

I recently logged into my Photobucket account... what a blast-from-the-past that ended up being...  BUT I found this picture of a mobile I had made in high school.  I have bad lighting in my room so I hung it up in my brother's room when he was away at college...  Too bad it doesn't exist anymore.  Maybe I will construct another?

I also found these pictures of 14-year-old me!  I really did read way too much Seventeen Magazine and TeenVogue at that point of my life...  BAHAHAHAH!  I found pictures of 17-year-old me too, but I'm saving those for a different day.

If you want to find out what being a nerdy girl in art school is NOT like at all, then watch this show.  I don't have a TV/cable/living room at my apartment, but I was at my parents' house a few weeks ago and they have the super Verizon Fios plan and way too many channels.  My brother, who has a media-related major is up-to-date on what's cool nowadays with high school-aged people like I am not, and he had me watch an episode.  I was a bit offended.  Wth, is going on?

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