Sunday, November 27, 2011

Circolo degli Artisti/In God's Garden

I finished this painting for the show at the Circolo degli Artisti, which my advanced painting class was participating in.  I re-painted the face, as I had mentioned in an earlier post, and defied my painting professor who had been very critical of my inclusion of the glasses.  After it was repainted, she took back all the pressure she had put on me to remove them.  We had a good laugh at critique.  It needs a bit of touching up to be completely finished but I'm not going to touch it again until I'm back home since I want it to be sufficiently dry for transportation.

In God's Garden. Oil on canvas.  Uban. 2011.

Front of Invitation to the show.
Back of Invitation to the Show.

Me posing with my piece in the show.  (Taken by Cheyenne Gil on Rosie Carlson's camera!)

 I had prepared the Artist Statement for this show but it ended up not getting shown with our work... Check out the artturome blog for more pics from this show.  My friend, Christina Lower, made a cute lil' video of the evening, "Take it away, Dave."  All through the night, my single declaration was, "Art is hard."  (After I consumed orange juice and gin, red and white wine, cosmopolitan, and long island iced tea,  Christina got me on a night bus, let me fall asleep on her on the bus ride back, woke me up to watch me throw up, then walked me up my five flights of stairs to my apartment, tucked me into bed, and put a glass of water on my nightstand.  She is a model friend... I, on the other hand, am a model idiot.)  All in all, it was a good time although we had a bit of rain.  We also got to meet the Cornell students participating in the show.  I'd say it was a successful night.

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