Thursday, August 18, 2011

Survivor/Chuck Palahniuk

Survivor: A Novel

I was in Aruba on vacation with the family for the past five days.

I brought this book by Chuck Palahniuk (yes, the guy who wrote Fight Club.  yes, Fight Club was a book before it was a movie.) ended up being on OK plane read (there's a plane crash in it.  I had to put the book down when during a bout of turbulence the plane passengers all erupt simultaneously in nervous laughter.  Nice to know that if we're all headed to an untimely end, we'll be chuckling our heads off.), but a really awesome beach read.

The only problem was that it was too good,
and I ended up having nothing to read on the plane ride back to Philly except for a Skymall catalog.

My favorite item in the Sky Mall catalog.   For $115.00 you too can have your very own "Barefoot Garden Yeti"!

*****My birthday is coming up, hint hint!  Make my dreams come true!!

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